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Our Mission Statement

GNA is committed to the inclusion and empowerment of non gender conforming people, communities, advocates and allies. To achieve that goal, we provide positivity-driven, non-judgmental education and programs. These programs are designed to foster the creation (and expansion) of connections, visibility and self-growth within all non gender conforming communities and the greater human communities in which we live.

Our Programs

In November 2012, GNA hosted its premiere event at Affirmations, the Wine and Cheese Coming-Out Party. Since that time, we became an official community partner with Affirmations. Within that role, we hosted (or sponsored) various workshops that included; Voice Training for Transgenders, How to Obtain Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), Transgender 2.0 and Legally Changing Your Identification. In service to those members of our community who have lost family and friends during major holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas, we provided holiday potlucks.

Our greatest achievement, however, is the creation of three days of celebration and acknowledgement of the Transgender and Gender Variant Communities. These include:

  • Transgender Day of Artivism
: A focus on the presentations and achievements of the Transgender and Non Gender Conforming communities. 
A celebration of the arts and music, dance, visual and graphic display, poetry, writing, culinary and other skills within those communities.
 A day consisting of a programming mix of display, explanation, interactivity surrounding performances and the artists involved.

  • Transgender Day of Empowerment:
 A focus on the building of the inner strength and empowerment of each individual using those skills and qualities they already possess. 
A day of workshops designed to construct the uniquely strong inner qualities and traits of those in the Transgender and Non Gender Conforming communities. 
A day where we recognize and celebrate the beautiful and ever present aspects of strong, personal development.

  • Transgender Day of Remembrance:
 A solemn national day dedicated to honoring those member of the Transgender and Non Gender Conforming communities taken too quickly, as a result of society’s weakness in the education of equality.
 A day with a focus on honoring those taken by violence or suicide. 
A day of unity with the national day of observance with commentary, performance and tribute. 
As part of the tribute to our fallen sisters and brothers, we create a living memorial, seeking to raise the awareness, empathy and compassion of the public

GNA welcomes any members of the Transgender and Non Gender Conforming communities or their allies to join us and participate in our programs. For further information, please contact us through any of the methods listed at the bottom of this page.

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